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A Not So Brief Intro

I like being optimistic. It’s so much more fun than being a downer, don’t you agree? So, why are we constantly flooded with negative messages in the media from negative and degrading portrayal of ourselves in pop culture to news items that are just downright depressing? Okay, never mind, who knows why? But one thing’s for certain – it continues to be the norm because we allow it to happen, because we buy into it, because it’s still profitable. For now, at least.

How many positive news stories have you heard? For almost everyone, the answer is probably something along the lines of, “OH, I remember that time when there was that uplifting news story!” It’s a feeling of nostalgia, we have to think back and remember a positive story. What if we were surrounded by more positive stories? While it’s important to know some important headlines and pertinent news items, why should we subject ourselves to the negative messages that the media pumps out on what seems to be an assembly line?

The media would say it’s to inspire change or invoke emotion – but can’t uplifting stories do the same, and perhaps, much more effectively? And what about the stories that are seldom covered? These are mostly domestic issues, from problems of inner cities to a lack of news coverage for the disturbing gender roles that we hold in our society.

My past is really what has inspired me to create a website such as this, where we can discuss the news topics and themes that are seldom covered – which includes uplifting stories. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and have also grown up in a time where gender roles are extremely ingrained, where fear is constantly in the news cycle, and where the problems of cities are literally never covered by national news companies. Like never. Never ever.

I think my past there and seeing how broken the media is (in terms of portraying the wrong subjects, like negative, gossipy stories) made me want to pursue journalism and communication and bring attention not only to the problems that plague Baltimore, but the issues not being brought up in the media enough. Perhaps, through a website such as this, we can begin to show others how these aforementioned topics deserved to be covered as well, that perhaps, they’re more important than some of the gossip (isn’t that a radical idea?!?).

I enjoy writing and want to pursue Journalism or Communication, so this seems like a natural first step. Like I said, I like being optimistic. I know there are many other people out there, many young, who are fed up with the way the media works. Well, it’s time for a change, a paradigm shift. And those words aren’t strong enough – it’s time to turn the media world as we know it upside down, inside out, outside down with uplifting and pertinent stories that makes us empowered, enlightened, educated, and enthusiastic about our future. As I said earlier, I like being optimistic. Hopefully someday, I’ll be able to call myself a realist, as well.