Happily Ever After?

Thanks to amazing technological advancements in the surgical field, we can provide people with new limbs, skin, even faces.  Apparently, we can also make people’s feet smaller and more likely to fit into high heels.  That’s what some women in the U.S. are doing: having the size of the feet altered (link).  This includes lengthening or shortening toes, removing bunions, even injecting fat into the soles of feet, because that would somehow help shoes fit better.

In fact, people are so obsessed over a pair of shoes fitting, that they asked for toe liposuction, sometimes in the form of asking for their pinkie toe to be removed.  This comes at a time when people think anything can be cured with a little altering surgery and a lot of money.  From beard implants (link) so men can “go with the flow” in the latest hipster-beard-lumberjack-phase-thingy to cutting off our feet, there is a problem in what seems to be mainly just the United States where we have to look exactly like a celebrity in order to be truly beautiful, because after all, who wouldn’t want to look like that hot celebrity guy with a full-on beard (isn’t that a little redundant?).

Perhaps, campaigns like the Dove Real Beauty campaign (link) are needed for women for their feet and men for their beards.  Or maybe our celebrities could begin to preach that true beauty comes in all forms of the body.  Or maybe nothing will happen.  Which means it’s up to us – the general population to fight against the newest wave of body-altering surgeries.  For the good of us as a whole – so we can keep our toes and not have to see any more big, bushy beards.

It’s notable to point out that in the original Grimm’s fairy tales of Cinderella, the evil step sisters remove parts of their feet in order to try to fit into the shoes only Cinderella is destined to wear.  Does history repeat itself?  I’ll leave the judging up to you.



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